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    3. 地生中考模擬試卷|2017中考模擬試卷

      時間:2017-09-18 英語六級 點擊:





        1.When we arrived there,we found the old man dead for about an hour.

        2.The Internet is very useful for us.We can easily find information on it.

        3.What do you think is the greatest invention of the twentieth century?

        4.She advised us to_wait for one more day.

        5.He didn't pass the exam,so he was unhappy.

        B.根據句意及漢語提示填寫單詞(轉載于 :www.ayxhyj.com 月 亮島教育網: 地生中考模擬試卷|2017中考模擬試卷)。

        6.We believe that we will win the final victory(勝利).

        7.He spent three years studying for a degree(學位) in history.

        8.I really(實在) don't know how to explain this to her.

        9.His father's company does business(生意) with many countries.

        10.—Jack,don't play with fire.It's easy to burn(燒) the house.

        —Sorry.I won't do that again.



        Most of us have probably heard of Mickey Mouse,Donald Duck,and many __11__ famous Disney characters.Perhaps we have even seen them in __12__(movie).But have you ever been to Disneyland?In fact,there are now several different Disneyland amusement parks __13__ the world.

        Disneyland is an amusement park,but we can __14__ call it a theme park.It has all the normal attractions that you can find at an amusement park,but __15__ also has a theme.The theme,of course,is Disney movies and Disney characters.For __16__,you can find a roller coaster in __17__(most) amusement parks,but in Disneyland,the theme of the roller coaster is Disney characters.This __18__ (mean) that you can find Disney characters all over the roller coaster.You can also watch Disney movies,__19__ (eat) in Disney restaurants,__20__ buy Disney gifts.And you can see Disney characters walking around Disneyland all the time!

        11.other 12.movies 13.around_in 14.also

        15.it 16.example 17.most 18.means

        19.eat 20.and


        Nowadays __21__ Chinese teenagers find life more difficult __22__ their parents.They don't know how to do __23__.Because their parents do almost __24__ for them at home.This is a big problem.

        Joy is 14 years old.One day her parents went away __25__ business,so she had to stay at home alone.At first she thought she would be happy __26__ her parents were not in.She could do everything __27__ she liked.But it was six o'clock in the afternoon,she felt __28__.“Oh,it's time to have __29__.Where can I get my food?” she said to herself.Later she found some food in the fridge,but she __30__ know how to cook.At that moment,she missed her __31__ very much.At last she could only go to the supermarket and __32__ some food to eat.

        Many of teenagers are __33__ as Joy.So I think they should learn some basic life __34__,like cooking,tidying up their rooms or dressing themselves __35__.They shouldn't depend too much on their parents.

        ( C )21.A.much and more B.many and more

        C.more and more D.less and less

        ( D )22.A.from  B.for   C.with D.without

        ( D )23.A.their homework B.some shopping

        C.business D.housework

        ( A )24.A.everything B.nothing

        C.something D.none

        ( C )25.A.in B.at C.on D.with

        ( B )26.A.so B.because C.but D.until

        ( A )27.A.that B.who C.where D.when

        ( A )28.A.hungry B.full C.excited D.bored

        ( C )29.A.breakfast B.lunch

        C.supper D.a sleep

        ( B )30.A.couldn't B.didn't

        C.might not D.wouldn't

        ( D )31.A.cousin B.aunt C.brother D.parents

        ( B )32.A.made B.bought C.gave D.saw

        ( A )33.A.the same B.difficult

        C.different D.warm-hearted

        ( D )34.A.styles B.ways C.rules D.skills

        ( C )35.A.actually B.carelessly

        C.properly D.slowly


        Katherine Commale is an 11-year-old girl from Pennsylvania.At the age of five she began raising money to buy nets for children in Africa to help stop the spread of malaria(瘧疾).

        When she was five,Katherine learnt about malaria in Africa.She learnt that every 30 seconds a child died from this disease.She also learnt that people wouldn't get that disease if they had enough bed nets.“I was really sad to learn that a child died every half a minute because of malaria.” Says Katherine,“I wanted to send nets right away,so that's what I did.”

        Five-year-old Katherine made presentations at churches and schools.She told students and others how important bed nets were for Africans.After people heard the presentations,many of them donated money.Katherine sent the money to NBN.NBN is an organization that sends bed nets to Africa.

        Besides,every holiday Katherine makes something called “bed net gift certificate”with the help of her friends and brothers.On each 10-dollar certificate there is a message.It explains that a bed net would be sent to Africa.When more certificate orders come,Katherine gets help from students in her school.

        Katherine has helped to raise $200,000 for NBN.“It makes me proud to help African children.I won't stop working until everyone in Africa has a bed net.”says Katherine.

        36.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?__B__

        A.When Katherine was six,she began helping children in Africa.

        B.Katherine learnt that two children died from malaria one minute.

        C.Katherine did a lot and helped to raise $ 20,000 for NBN.

        D.Katherine's parents helped her make “bed net gift certificate”.

        37.In Paragraph 4,“It” refers to “ ________”.__D__

        A.a 10-dollar note B.a gift certificate

        C.an organization D.a message

        38.From the passage we know Katherine did the following EXCEPT __D__.

        A.raising a great deal of money for NBN

        B.giving presentations at churches and schools

        C.explaining the importance of nets for Africans

        D.ordering people to learn to use the nets well

        39.It can be inferred from the passage that __A__.

        A.Katherine's work is very helpful and meaningful

        B.the spread of malaria in Africa will be more serious

        C.every child in Africa gets a net with Katherine's help

        D.Katherine has received much money from NBN


        學會自我保護是青少年需要具備的一種意識和能力。請根據以下學校安全教育周收集的自我保護小貼士,并結合自己的觀點,以“How Can We Protect Ourselves?”為題,寫一篇90詞左右的短文,談談在生活中青少年應該怎樣自我保護。

        要求:句子結構準確,要點齊全,內容合理,篇章結構連貫(轉載于 :www.ayxhyj.com 月亮島教育網 : 地生中考模擬試卷|2017中考模擬試卷)。

        How Can We Protect Ourselves

        Self-protection is one of the most important skills for teenagers.But how can we protect ourselves?Here are some of my suggestions.

        First,we should be careful when we make friends,especially on line.Second,if we are in danger,we must call the police for help in time so that we can keep ourselves safe.Also,we ought to eat healthily and safely.Besides,we shouldn't crowd each other when we go upstairs or downstairs at school.Last but not the least,summer is coming,we must remember it's dangerous to swim alone.

        In short,everyone needs to learn how to protect ourselves and stay away from danger.

      熱門標簽: 2017數學中考模擬試卷





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